Migrating Machine Policy

Warranty and Support for Migrating Machines

Communication and access to information on a worldwide basis through the Internet has opened up new doors for consumers, manufacturers, and retailers alike in the area of on-line purchasing and e-commerce. As a global organization, John Deere embraces the opportunity to promote free enterprise, and share information with you, our valued customer, about the products and services our company offers. While we promote free enterprise we also recognize the potential for customer dissatisfaction when access to product is readily available on a worldwide basis, but the product and its support system are designed for regional market conditions.

John Deere wants to make your experience with our equipment a positive one. Keeping this in mind, we want to make our customers aware of situations that may arise when machinery designed for, and marketed in, a specific area of the world finds its way to another.

While it may appear on the surface that a machine available in one area is identical to that machine in another, there often are significant differences. Cultural, legal and customer requirements have a direct impact on the development of product offerings and features in different areas of the world. Dealer access to technical information, unique parts and components, and familiarity with servicing the product may be limited or unavailable for a machine not originally intended for distribution in their market. Customers who purchase migrating equipment can run the risk of increased downtime due to some, or all of these factors, should a repair be needed.

Product warranty is tied to the specific region where a machine was originally marketed, and does not follow the unit if it migrates from one area to another. For example, an authorized John Deere dealer in the U.S. or Canada can complete warranty repairs on product that was originally marketed within that area. Likewise, warranty repairs for a machine originating in the European Community would need to be completed by an authorized dealer within the European Community.

Some areas may have laws requiring specific product features, while other areas have significantly different requirements. Customers who purchase a migrated machine may be operating a unit that does not meet their local legislated requirements, or that lacks other features designed into products intended for sale in their own areas.

John Deere and John Deere Dealers value our customers' safety and satisfaction. We truly appreciate your business in the past, and will strive to earn it in the future. We also recognize your need to make the correct business decisions for your operation. We intend to provide the right product, in the right place, with the highest level of customer and product support. Your local John Deere dealer is best equipped and anxious to provide you superior levels of support on the products designed for, and marketed in, the area.

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